Exercising to Lose Weight? Read This First

Ask a whole bunch of people why they want to do more exercise and the clear majority of them will probably say they are looking to lose some weight. However, working out, whether you’re taking some exercise classes or signing up for sessions at the gym, is not going to make that happen on its own. It’s a sad fact, but just ramping up the exercise doesn’t mean you can eat and drink whatever you want and still lose those pounds.

Exercising to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Is More Complicated Than That

There is no magic formula that will work for everyone when it comes to dropping a dress size. There is an equation, and this is that, to create the conditions for weight loss, you need to use more calories on a daily basis than you take in. In other words, you need to create a calorie deficit. But plenty of other factors can also contribute to carrying unhealthy weight around, like health conditions such as thyroid problems. Surprisingly, stress can contribute to weight gain, as can a poor sleep regime.

So What’s the Answer?

The answer is that there IS no simple answer, or not one that applies to everyone, in any case. There are some general principles that will assist, but if you are keen to address a weight issue, then the best advice is to look at your lifestyle as a whole. Don’t just make one change, really get to the bottom of why you’re carrying more pounds than you would like. Then, a whole series of changes can be put into effect that will not only help you lose weight, but make you feel fitter and healthier overall for the future.

That can be quite overwhelming for some people, though. And although the internet is a great source of information, there are so many differing views that you just end up giving in and making no lifestyle changes. And that’s where a fitness coach could help.

What Does a Fitness Coach Do?

A fitness coach can be more than a personal trainer who might run boot camps, HIIT sessions and exercise classes. Each of these activities are great, can boost your physical fitness and even help you lose weight in the process, but if you feel you need to look at your lifestyle as a whole in order to create lasting change, then a fitness coach is ideal.

Your fitness instructor or coach will guide you through a process of considering wider aspects of your life, from nutrition to stress management, from sleep patterns to, yes, exercising. Their aim is to work with you so that you can recognise any unhealthy patterns and start to make positive, healthier choices on a day to day basis.

Of course, you’ll probably find that a good personal trainer will do this too. Either way, great fitness coaches and personal trainers will get to know you as an individual and exercise will only form part of the advice they give.

If you want to lose weight in the Woolston or Southampton area and are looking for help from a professional, contact the team at Prosapien Health & Fitness. We’re dedicated to helping you be the best you can be.

Fitness instructor and personal trainer in Woolston

"Absolutely love the workouts! Really helpful and great."

Emma Pinfield

"Louis is the best. I got so much out of our sessions and would highly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone!"

Amy Lee Cooper

"Amazing workouts. I feel really good afterwards as well. It does make a difference in how you feel."

Yvonne Mupfeka

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Jennifer Pidgley

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Joanne Pidgley

"The workouts are personalised to your ability and encourages progress each week for 30 days. On completing the course I feel ready to continue the good progress already achieved. This course lives up to its name, it was the kickstart I needed to...

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Trisha Slack

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Sune Smit

"Amazing person and keeps you motivated! I have just finished the 30day kickstarter challenge and the results were great!"

Ourania Komini

"Absolutely amazing Personal trainer! Louis has given me so much encouragement to get to where I am today! I am so pleased with what I have achieved so far!"

Kimberley Aisling Mitchell

"Wonderful experience. Having an amazing time with a lot of support."

Min Akuba Jakodondo

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"Amazing service! Promotes a lifestyle change! Really supportive throughout the day! For the first time ever I love going to the gym!"

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"Just had an amazing Sports Massage. Feeling totally relaxed and stress free now. Very professional indeed. I highly recommend to anyone."

Paul Dumper

"Louis is 110% committed to ensuring you get the best results from your sessions with him, whether it be HIIT or weights sessions you are guaranteed to leave the gym feeling like you have worked hard and feel more motivated. Highly recommend for...

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