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Bring a friend with you for FREE on your next PT session. We will pay for their day pass, and they will train for your entire session, with you, at no cost to either of you If your friend signs up for 1-1 sessions, you will both get 50% off a Sports Massage.
If you have someone who is interested please let me know.
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Personal trainer in Southampton

At Prosapien Health and Fitness Services, we firmly believe that fitness is a way of life and not just a mere destination. If you wish to start living a healthier life, the time to contact us is now!
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A little bit about the owner

Prosapien Health and Fitness Services in Southampton is run by Louis Olrog, who has been a successful personal trainer for many years now. He graduated from Southampton Solent University with honours and is also a registered Tae Kwon Do instructor, which he has led in both 1 to 1 and class environments. Louis is also a Fusion 30 coach, constantly  pushing his clients to their limits with high intensity body weight exercises to themed and constructive workout music. Forever Living also plays an important role in the Prosapien business as Louis, himself, uses the products to supplement his own training and lifestyle and has seen others thrive from using the products, as well. He offers mobile fitness training, and can travel within a 15-mile radius for your convenience, enabling you to train at home or outdoors using targeted training techniques that are personalised to every individual.
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Get fit, don’t quit!

We help each and every client in achieving their fitness goals by implementing a comprehensive personal training program, driven by proven training methods of the past.
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Choose us for:

  • Friendly service
  • University qualifications     
  • 5 years' experience in the industry
  • Small and dedicated team
  • Competitive prices     
  • Lots of offers

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Get set to sweat 

We want you to be stronger, healthier, faster and fitter than you are now. Through our personal sessions and boot camps, we aim to empower an elite performance at all times.
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"Absolutely amazing personal trainer! Louis has given me so much encouragement to get to where I am today! I am so pleased with what I have achieved so far!"
- Kimberley Aisling Roberts
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The first hour of your initial consultation with us is free! 
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